Food and Drink

Before a child starts at the Pre-School, staff will discuss any dietary needs, including any allergies, and make appropriate arrangements to meet them. Water is always available throughout the day.

Snack time

We provide a variety of food throughout the week, usually comprising of  two fruits per day and a savory snack, such as bread sticks, cream crackers, rice cakes. A drink of water or milk is provided.

We have snack at 10am. All children are encouraged to wash their hands and sit at the table, passing around the bowls containing the items of food. Children are encouraged to count their food when helping themselves during snack time and to place their dirty dishes into the washing up bowl.

Lunchtime guidelines

For children bringing a packed lunch all boxes and containers should be clearly marked with the child’s name. Lunchtimes are supervised and children are asked not to walk around with food. The staff will encourage children to eat savoury items before anything sweet but it will remain the child’s decision as to what and how much they choose to eat. All children should bring in a named water bottle for use throughout the day.
All remaining food and drink will be sent home so that the contents can be monitored for future reference.

Behaviour Management

We aim to teach children to behave in socially accepted ways and to understand the needs and rights of others. All members of the Pre-School, including staff, volunteers and parents, are expected to provide a positive model by treating one another with friendliness, care and courtesy. We work with parents/carers to address recurring inconsiderate behaviour.

Below are some of our policies if you would like to view them.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Abbey Crockford & Tara Edwards are our SENCO rep’s and help identify children who may need extra support. Both SENCO’s monitor and review individual education plans and liase with parents and external agencies where appropriate.

Fire Drill

A Fire Drill is carried out half-termly so that the children are all aware of what to do in the case of a fire. A notice to inform parents a fire drill has taken place will be placed on the front door for viewing.

First Aid

All staff have undergone basic first aid and resuscitation training. A correctly equipped First Aid box is kept at the Pre-School and there is also a smaller First Aid bag to be used for outings. An accident book is used to record any injury that occurs. The Pre-School have parental/carer permission, as part of the child’s registration forms, to seek emergency medical treatment if needed.


The Pre-School has no facilities for dealing with sick children. If your child becomes ill or has an accident, you will be asked to come and collect your child. Therefore it is essential that all emergency contact numbers are kept up-to-date. If your child is unwell, please contact your doctor before returning to the pre-school. After sickness/diarrhoea or if on antibiotics, please keep your child at home for at least 48 hours. A list of excludable diseases and exclusion times can be found in the Pre-School Policy folder.

Administration of Medicines

A medication form should be filled in if your child is on medication, giving clear instructions about the dosage. All medicines will be kept in a locked cupboard.

Procedure if a child is not collected

If possible, all parents/carers must inform the Pre-School as soon as possible, if they may be late in collecting their child. If the child has not been collected 15 minutes after the end of the session, then staff will try to telephone the other emergency contacts on the registration form. If they are unable to contact a suitable person, the staff will speak to Social Services for further advice.