Our Motto

Our motto with the global pandemic that we’ve all been dealing with is to “keep things as normal as we can for the children within restrictions”. We have been open throughout when we’ve been able to be. We were only closed from March to June 2020 when everything shut down. We have maintained a happy and vibrant environment where hand washing, sanitising and being Covid secure has just become part of our routine.

Measures in Place

Prior to anyone entering the preschool their temperature is taken. Staff take their own temperature when they arrive and the children’s too. Hand washing takes place as soon as anyone enters the building and at regular intervals throughout the day, especially before and after eating. Any visitors to the building have their temperature taken, wear masks where applicable and sanitise regularly. All temperatures are logged and kept in our records in case they’re needed. Visitors only attend preschool in person where there is no other option. Video calls are always the preference if possible. These measures will continue as we learn to live with the virus.  Covid rates in Cornwall over the Summer period have been the highest in the country.  We want to continue to play our part in keeping our children, staff, and wider community as safe as we can.

Track and Trace

We are registered with track and trace and have a QR code displayed on the main door. Anyone who enters our preschool is encouraged to scan this code or register their details for track and trace.

Managing Covid

We monitor the toys, apparatus and equipment we use and follow strict sanitising regimes. All toys that are played with are logged and cleaned after every use. Hard surfaces are regularly cleaned including tables, door handles and high touch areas. When cooking or doing messy play with the children they all have their own equipment and food/apparatus. Snack is now served on individual plates rather than buffet style to avoid cross contamination through food. As a preschool setting, we do not have to socially distance as it is pretty impossible with preschoolers!


We spend a lot of time outside. We believe outside learning for children is important anyway but it helps to reduce the spread of covid-19 so it’s a win win situation!

Parents and Carers

We no longer require parents to wear masks at drop off and pick up as we only interact with parents outside. We operate a one way system which starts down the left side of the building and carries on out the other side of the rear car park.


Parents are currently not allowed inside the preschool. Drop off and pick up happens outside the preschool doors and we have found this has worked well with the children who attend. They seem to enter preschool more confidently and we will continue this in the future.

Additional Information

To read our full Covid-19 Policy, Risk assessment and Outbreak Management Plan, please click below.

The Government Covid-19 Guidance can be found by clicking below.