Safeguarding Children and Child Protection

Our setting will work with children, parents/carers and the community to ensure the safety of children and to give them the best start in life. Our Safeguarding Policy is based on the three key commitments of the Early Years Alliance Safeguarding Children Policy:


Key commitment 1

We are committed to building a ‘culture of safety’ in which children are protected from abuse and harm in all areas of our service delivery.


Key commitment 2

We are committed to responding promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns of abuse.


Key commitment 3

We are committed to empowering young children through our early childhood curriculum, promoting their right to be strong, resilient and listened to.


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Promoting Positive Behaviour

We believe that children flourish best when their personal, social and emotional needs are understood, supported and met and where there are clear, fair and developmentally appropriate expectations for their behaviour.


As children develop, they learn about boundaries, the difference between right and wrong, and to consider the views and feelings, and needs and rights, of others and the impact that their behaviour has on people, places and objects. The development of these skills requires adult guidance to help encourage and model appropriate behaviours and to offer intervention and support when children struggle with conflict and emotional situations. In these types of situations key staff can help identify and address triggers for the behaviour and help children reflect, regulate and manage their actions.


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Health and Safety

We believe that the health and safety of children is of paramount importance. We make our setting a safe and healthy place for children, parents, staff and volunteers.


  • We aim to make children, parents, staff and volunteers aware of health and safety issues and to minimise the hazards and risks to enable the children to thrive in a healthy and safe environment.  Our designated person for Health and Safety is Claire Fry and the Health and Safety poster can be found in the hallway.

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Food and Drink / Snack and Lunchtime

Landulph Under Fives regard snack and lunch times as an important part of our day. Eating represents a
social time for children and adults, and helps children to learn about healthy eating. Landulph Under
Fives promote healthy eating using resources and covers the topic ‘Healthy Eating’ during the pre-school year. At snack and lunch times, we aim to provide nutritious food, which meets the children’s
individual dietary needs.


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Children in Care

At Landulph Under Fives we believe that all Children in Care should have access to excellent pre-school provision and achieve at a similar level to all children. We are committed to providing quality provision based on equality of opportunity for all children and their families. All staff are committed to doing all they can to enable ‘looked after’ children in their care to achieve and reach their potential.


All staff and management are committed to ensuring improved educational life chances for Children in Care by ensuring that the relevant personnel have reasonable support and time to complete tasks and responsibilities. Also, to establish and maintain appropriate reporting and monitoring procedures both within the setting and with other agencies.


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Valuing Diversity and Promoting Inclusion and Equality

We are committed to ensuring that our service is fully inclusive in meeting the needs of all children.


We recognise that children and their families come from a wide range of backgrounds with individual needs, beliefs and values.  They may grow up in family structures that include one or two parents of the same or different sex.  Children may have close links or live with extended families of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; while other children may be more removed from close kin, or may live with other relatives or foster carers. Some children come from families who experience social exclusion, severe hardship; discrimination and prejudice because of their ethnicity, disability and/or ability, the languages they speak, their religious or personal beliefs, their sexual orientation and marital status. Some individuals face discrimination linked to their gender and some women are discriminated against because of their pregnancy and maternity status. We understand that all these factors can affect the well-being of children within these families and may adversely impact on children’s learning, attainment and life outcomes.


We are committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity and valuing diversity for all children and families using our setting. We aim to:

  • promote equality and value diversity within our service and foster good relations with the local community;
  • actively include all families and value the positive contribution they make to our service;
  • promote a positive non-stereotyping environment that promotes dignity, respect and understanding of difference in all forms
  • provide a secure and accessible environment in which every child feels safe and equally included
  • improve our knowledge and understanding of issues relating to anti-discriminatory practice
  • challenge and eliminate discriminatory actions on the basis of a protected characteristic as defined by the Equality Act (2010) namely:
    • age
    • gender
    • gender reassignment
    • marital status
    • pregnancy and maternity
    • race
    • disability
    • sexual orientation and
    • religion or belief
  • where possible, take positive action to benefit groups or individuals with protected characteristics who are disadvantaged, have a disproportional representation within the service or need different things from the service.

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At Landulph Under Fives it is our intention to make our setting accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.


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At Landulph Under Fives we are committed to ensuring that any personal data we hold about you and your child is protected in accordance with data protection laws and is used in line with your expectations.


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We have policies which cover everything you could think of to do with the preschool. If there is a particular policy which isn’t featured on our website and you would like to view it or all of our policies, please contact us and we will happily share them with you.